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Jewellery Inspection

After Sales Service

As part of the Plumeria guarantee for all custom pieces, all we require is that you bring your new piece of jewellery in for a complimentary clean and to have a little check up.
Once every six months is advised to ensure the overall wellbeing of your piece. Maintenance may sometimes be required on your new creation, especially if you are wearing it every day.

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Jewellery Care

~ Remove your jewellery when doing heavy work with your hands like gardening, lifting heavy objects or out in the shed for the guys. The least amount of unnecessary knocks to your jewellery will require less maintenance.

~ When not wearing your jewellery, storing it in a jewellery box to ensure that the gemstones don't get knocked around.

~ Remove your jewellery when carrying out domestic work. Grime, oils and chemicals stick to your diamonds meaning they will not sparkle as brightly. Some gemstones need extra care. Opals, pearls and emeralds can be damaged by harsh chemicals.

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